Here is the quick answer to the query that is very often for those who are quite familiar with After Effects i.e. replacing imported Illustrator layers in After Effects.

While I was dealing with one of my projects, I wanted to import some AI files from my other project which I had created a couple of weeks back. But the illustration I wanted to import wasn’t a single AI file. It was a composition with a lot of AI layers. So I needed the whole composition containing AI layers for my current project. It is easy to import it. But the toughest part is to change or replace some layers of that composition with the newly formed AI layers keeping the keyframes unchanged. Furthermore, I wanted to replace all my imported illustrator files in one shot rather than selecting each individual file/layer. I was getting frustrated as it consumed my 2 to 3 hours.

Steps to replace Layers keeping keyframes unchanged:

And now what I can say about this requirement is you have to replace them layer by layer. For that have a look at the steps mentioned below :

#1 You have to import your previous illustration as a composition in your new project.

#2 Bring that composition inside your work area/timeline.

#3 Open up the project panel inside which you have the newly created illustration and the layers of it.

#4 Now click and drag the layer of the newly created illustration while pressing the option key (if you are using MAC) or Alt key (if you are using PC).

#5 And drop it on the top of the selected layer in the timeline.

Now you can see the original layer is replaced by the new layer.

It will not change the keyframes. And the newly replaced layer will have the same keyframes as the original layer.

Here is the quick demo of how to execute above mentioned steps.So please have a look.

If you are using Images or Flat Photoshop/AI files you can try to replace footage from the project panel. It will be updated without affecting the animation you have created.

Here is the demo of how to replace a layer from the project panel.

I know this is not the detailed post talking about the path and the footage. But at least it tells you about the quicker way to work with the replacement of  any illustration containing layers.

I hope this article  helped you and  saved your valuable time. If you find this quick tip useful then please don’t forget to mention it in the comment box below and  try to share this post with others to save their time and energy as well 😉

Have a wonderful day!