I am not the Pro in After effects right now and it is true but as a beginner I can tell you guys, this error really made me sick. I kept getting error message as “After Effects error: cached preview needs 2 or more frames to playback” while seeing the preview of the project. It took me hours to fix the error and after reading on different forums and trying different possibilities, I came up with the following solutions. I hope they will help you too.

List of Solutions for After Effects Error

#1 First I tried to Purge the different memories (Edit -> Purge ->All Memory and Disk Cache then purge image cache memory). It may work for few cases, but for my case, it didn’t work. Well, you can try this step anyway.

#2 Then go to Preferences -> Media & Disk Cache -> Choose the option Empty Disk Cache and Clean Database and Cache. Probably this will do the disappearing of blue line which you can see while rendering the comp.

Next Step,

#3 One important thing but really ignored is that you should check the Work Area Bar whether it is covering the area of your Comp which you want to Preview.

#4 Check your system configuration as Heavy Projects in After effects need more RAM (sysmet memory) to render. You can find a helpful article on this with precise information about After Effects System Requirements for Mac OS and Windows
#5 Try to minimize the preview quality of your Footage. This is not a required step but it will help in rendering the footage media.

#6 Check out the alloted RAM memory given to the After Effects Application from the complete system RAM. You can see it by going to After Effects -> Preferences -> Memory

#7 Confirm that all heavy applications are closed while working with After Effects if you have crunch of RAM.
#8 Make sure that you are using Latest Version Of After Effects.
#9 Keep an eye on the working of your Chrome Browser if it is running some applications in the background.That will slow down the working of AE.

This Solution Worked For Me

#10 Last But not the least is that allow Dynamic link manager access through your firewall.

For Mac users

  • Go to the folder “/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/”.
  • Inside that folder right-click and select the File -> Get Info
  • Then make sure that the Lock icon which is present at the bottom right corner is not activated.And after deactivation ,it will ask for the system login details (username and password). Put there the information asked.
  • Slightly scroll down and you can see the permissions.Change the permission to read and write for the current user.
  • Below that select the small “sun-shaped” setting icon and select “Apply to enclosed items”
  • At the end re-lock the folder.

As I am using After Effects on Mac, I can share some pictures of How-tos

For Windows OS

Here is the step by step solution.

  • Navigate to the folder “C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\”
  • Then right-click it to access its “Properties” menu.
  • Select  the “Security” tab and grant your current user “Full Control” of the folder.

I am quite confident about these solutions as it worked for me and solved the error message “After Effects : cached preview needs 2 or more frames to playback”. I can assure that one or the other will help you get rid of this error. If this article helped you, please share it with your friends and colleagues. Off course if you have other solution for this error, you can post it in comment so that it will be useful for other readers.